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We are very pleased to welcome you in our pharmacy. Our new homepage allows us to offer you some additional functions.

First, you should set your preferred language by clicking on the corresponding flag symbol.

Are we an exclusively homeopathic mail-order pharmacy?

No. We are a public German pharmacy: the Kosmos Apotheke Reform. We provide our patients with all drugs approved in Germany in accordance with the legal provisions, be it usual pharmacy health care products, cosmetics and bandages and specialise ourselves in alternative medicine. 
Therefore, you can choose from a comprehensive range of homeopathic, homotoxicological (Heel), biochemical (Schüßler) and herbal remedies.

What happens to orders with medical prescription?

For prescription drugs, you need a doctor’s prescription. Here we are bound by German regulations. The prescription requirement may differ from the regulations in your country. It should also be noted that only prescriptions issued in EU member states are valid, and that in most countries there is a mail-order ban on prescription drugs. For this reason, we currently ship prescription drugs only within Germany.

To order, click on the button “prescription order” and then “prescription upload”. Now you can upload your medical prescription. It will be in your shopping cart and will be sent to us if you proceed with the ordering process. We will contact you and let you know about the costs. Alternatively, you can choose the appropriate prescription (German panel prescription, private prescription or international prescription) and type in your drugs manually. You can of course also select the medicines on the prescription in our shop and check the prices right after.

Once you have all the items you want in your shopping cart, click “order”. If you are not yet registered, you can now enter your personal data (all marked with “*”).
In the next step, you can enter a different delivery address. Since most countries place very high demands on the import of prescription medicines or prohibit the dispatch altogether, we deliver such prescription drugs exclusively within Germany! Next, choose a payment method and after agreeing to our terms and conditions, you can submit your order to us.

Since we can only deliver your order when the medical prescription is in our possession, the next thing you should do is send us the original. Once we get it, we can continue processing your order.

A valid prescription must contain the following information:

Information about the patient: first and last names (both written-out), date of birth
Date of issue of the prescription
Information about the issuer doctor: first and last names (both written-out), professional qualification, direct contact details, address of practice
Signature (handwritten or digital)
Information on the prescribed product: common name (safer than brand name), pharmaceutical form (pills, drops, etc.), strength, dosage, dosage schedule, period of validity

Please check if the doctor has given all this information!


 Can I contact someone who speaks my language?

In addition to Germany, we offer cheap direct dialling services from Italy, France, Spain and Great Britain. We speak German, Turkish, English, Spanish and Italian. From other countries, you can have international long-distance calls in one of these languages.

We recommend you contact us by e-mail - we answer them just as carefully and reliably.

Pharmaceutical consultation is only provided in German.
You are ordering German medicines from us. Accordingly, both the packaging information and the information leaflets will be written in German.


I cannot find a product that I would like to order. How can I get it?

It may happen that we do not have all our items in stock in Germany. Nevertheless, we may be able to procure them for you. Just note your request when placing your order in the field “Note” and we will contact you.

Who grants any necessary permits?

For deliveries within the EU, as well as the European Union Customs Union (EUCU), we take care of all necessary formalities.

Customs duties may arise on export from the territory of the European Union and must be carried by you. You may need to apply for import permits for your country; we try to help you in the best possible way. In some countries, strict import restrictions apply to pharmaceuticals. However, shipping costs, fees and customs duties are in any case at your expense, so, please inform yourself near the authorities responsible for your country before placing an order!


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